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Book For Wives
What You Thought Was Possible for Your Marriage

 Whether you’re dealing with bitterness in your marriage or just want to obtain a greater level of intimacy with your spouse, this book will provide you with the keys to grabbing hold of a marriage beyond what you thought would ever be possible. 

 As a Pastor's wife and leader of a dynamic wive's ministry, Debbie digs through the Bible to provide wives
 with over-looked nuggets of wisdom that provide a brilliant roadmap to a fulfilling marriage.

Debbie Chavez
A powerful workbook for wives!
Chapters include:
  • How to esteem your husband into greatness!
  • The Biblical case for confronting bad behavior and establishing boundaries
  • Dealing with resentment, emotional pain, and Biblical forgiveness
  • Getting your husband to open up his heart to you
  • Building healthy physical intimacy with your man
  • Praying powerfully for your husband
  • Affair-proofing and porn-proofing your marriage

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