Conference Speaking
     Debbie is a passionate, Bible-based speaker who loves to equip women to overcome Satan's schemes and tap into God's wisdom and power to transform their relationships.  She has inspired crowds of over a thousand people at many events.  

Some of her specific topics include:
  • Biblical guidance for handling sinful or destructive behavior by husband
  • How to improve communication & resolve conflict in marriage
  • Affair-proofing and porn-proofing your marriage
  • Becoming a woman of confidence, dignity and self-respect
  • How you can powerfully impact your husband through respect
  • Recognizing and overcoming Satan's schemes to destroy your marriage
  • Divorce recovery, second marriages & step-parenting
  • How to pray effectively for your husband and children
  • How to be your husband's helper without being codependent
  • How to build healthy physical intimacy & emotional intimacy in marriage

Debbie is happy to work with your church/group to make a speaking engagement affordable.  To inquire about her coming to speak at your event, email

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