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Debbie Chavez

Conference Speaking

Debbie is a passionate, Bible-based speaker who loves to equip women to overcome Satan's schemes and tap into God's wisdom and power to transform their relationships.  She has inspired crowds of over a thousand people at many events.

Debbie is happy to work with your church/group to make a speaking engagement affordable.  Often, she will speak at a women's event on the basis of a love offering. To inquire about arranging Debbie to speak at your event, email:
Some of her most-requested topics include:
Biblical guidance for handling sinful or destructive behavior
by husband
How to improve communication & resolve conflict in marriage
Affair-proofing and porn-proofing your marriage
Becoming a woman of confidence, dignity and self-respect
How you can powerfully impact your husband through respect
Recognizing and overcoming Satan's schemes to
destroy your marriage
How to pray effectively for your husband and children
How to be your husband's helper without being codependent
How to build healthy physical intimacy & emotional intimacy
in marriage